Monday, February 8, 2016

Mobile Buying Tips!

All of us now a days want a budget oriented smartphone. But, before buying we should consider following things.
1. RAM
We have seen smartphones coming up with 512Mb Ram - 1.5 GB but i think that the Minimum Ram which the buyers ahould consider is 2GB DDR3 RAM. A 2GB Ram is a must now a days because android is a a place where the smartphone must have enough Ram and It will run smoothly. People should consider a snapdragon chipset as snapdragon is far better than mediatek as snapdragon degrades slowly in comparison To Mediatek.
2.Internal Memory
Internal memory must be 16GB out of which 12.1 Is for user available. In smartphones having internal memory of 16gb the user gets enough space to run more applications and install also.
A smartphone must have a quad processor as quad processor can Handle more applications at a time in comparison to the dual core ones. Octacore according to me must be preferred.

Other features that everybody Want Is Camera and Features. Features Should be extremely Well.

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