Sunday, March 6, 2016

Golden Tips

Now a days we are becoming hugely dependent on Smartphones. And In Indian Market there are many smartphones which are entering in Indian Market. All the buyers are confused which smartphone to Buy.I will be telling some Of the Golden Tips which must be followed before Buying a Smartphone.

 The brands which are hugely competing in the market are Samsung , HTC, Micromax, Letv and Yu. Yu is such a promising brand that everybody can Rely on the handsets of Yu. It offers rich customisation in the handsets as the devices are powered by CyanogenMod. I myself is an owner of Yu Yureka and i personally feels that Yu has captured the Minds Of Indian buyers a lot. Letv which is also becoming and gaining popularity is also a very promising brand according to me. The devices launched by Letv is very very good in comparison to its price and its features. Samsung as we all know is a Brand which is known for its price and the luxury of its handsets. Samsung gives you devices top class only when your budget is likely around 20k-30k. I myself personally thinks that for a smartphone spending 20k-30k is not at all a good idea. Go for devices which is budget friendly and at the same time provides a lot of features.

 Now the things which must be considered before Buying a Smartphone.

 RAM- Now a days people before buying a smartphone google and searches whats the Ram and Internal memory. Because according to me the Ram of a device i.e. Minimum Must be 2GB. As people are hugely becoming dependent on Apps.
 If you think that a smartphone will have a 6gb of Ram you must definitely consider of Buying a Laptop.

 Internal Memory- Internal memory must be abundant. 16gb should be minimum as for the apps which we download a little bit of space goes to the internal memory always and we can't restrict it. For devices which have 32or 64gb internal memory there is no further requirement for Sd card as it is a sufficient space.

 4g Or 3g- I myself is very puzzled regarding this fact because In India 3g don't works properly and people are so busy in buying 4g devices. I sometimes feel very Confused why are people spending some extra bucks for buying a 4g phone. For 4g to become fully operational it will take many years i must tell.

 Hope What i Said might Be Attractive To People who are thinking to Buy Smartphone. And What I Said Is Attractive Do Write Some Comments So that i can Also get some feedback from Your Side.
Myself A B.ALLB. student From Amity University Gwalior. Its Me Suman Patra. Thanks For Reading.